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Our team has a great availability and a great response time. We have worked to make communication between our lawyers and clients as easy and direct as possible. For this reason we put to your disposal the email and the WhatsApp information of each member of our team.

After 10 years we can proudly say that we manage to create a new way to understanding the legal industry with an increasingly consolidated project, which is in constant evolution and growth.

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Conformity is overrated

Choose to be atypical

Sfera Legal emerged in 2012 with the mission of creating an alternative law firm, without the traditional style of the industry. We believe that our atypical way of doing things has been possible thanks to our “atypical is taking action” essence.

Our vision of the legal industry is focused on providing a memorable and client-oriented experience. This has led us to analyze the characteristics of our service and to work continuously with our team to ensure constant improvement and quick off the mark services.