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Regulatory Compliance

  • Specialized counseling in compliance and corporate governance: compliance verification, due diligence processes, anticorruption evaluation, corporate compliance planning and supervision, corporate risk prevention
  • Ethical investigations and implementation of a Claim’s Management system
  • Counseling on the application and interpretation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Law
  • Audits in compliance of administrative policies and Human Resources
  • Preparation of ethical codes, periodical revisions and support in the correct application by employees
  • Counseling related to the FCPA Law and money laundering: constant updates and proper application
  • Registry of natural persons and/or corporations in compliance with Law 8204 and its bylaws
  • Elaboration of guidelines for legal compliance and manuals on compliance procedures for anti-money laundering
  • Due Diligence preparation and elaboration of reports in order to comply with the resolution regarding the Registry of Transparency and Final Beneficiaries, to be made before the Costa Rican Central Bank
  • Corporate amendments to comply with the Corporate Governance Voluntary Code and other mandatory corporate governance guidelines; according to each specific entity and its business activity
  • Drafting of corporate governance codes