Payment deferral of the patronage fees of March, April and May of the Guatemalan Institute of Social Security

On April 20, 2020, Agreement Number 1472 of the Board of Directors of the Guatemalan Social Security Institute (IGSS) published in the Diario de Centro América, which entered into legality that same day and which adopts, temporarily and exceptionally, the deferred payment of employer fees. From this agreement, it is relevant to take note of these aspects:

1. The IGSS is authorized to defer payment to social security for the private sector employer's contribution, corresponding to March, April and May 2020. These fees will not be subject to surcharges for default, interest or administrative expenses, as long as the provisions of the agreement mentioned above are fulfilled.

2. Deferred fees must be paid as follows:

a. The employers may continue to make the payment of the corresponding fees within the usual terms;

b. Employers may defer payment of dues for March, April and May, in July, August and September 2020, respectively;

c. Employers that do not proceed in the manner described in the previous paragraphs, the same system will automatically distribute the total deferred amount that is due in up to 18 monthly installments, as of July 2020;

d. In the absence of the described payment options, the IGSS is empowered to issue an official charge note, plus surcharges and corresponding administrative expenses;

3. The worker's contribution to the indicated period must continue to be deducted from the employee's salary, normally and must be transferred to the IGSS through the electronic social security form.

4. Employers who want to be subject to the provisions of deferred payment must meet these requirements:

a. Be adhered to the social security payroll system in electronic form;

b. Upload your social security return declaration to the electronic spreadsheet system for each of the corresponding months.

c. Having reported the payment of the workers' quota corresponding to the period of March, April and May 2020;

d. The employer updated their data before the IGGS by 2020, or they will update or ratify their data

5. Once the provisions of the agreement above have been fulfilled, the contribution obligations corresponding to March 2020 may be made no later than April 25, 2020.

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