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The legal market is an environment full of traditions and formulas that hold the appearance of professionalism and seriousness. Sfera Legal is a law firm that thinks in an unordinary way and evolves what is established with courage and boldness. We do not follow the cliches of the industry; we work to RE THINK, RE INVENT and RE EVOLVE the practice of the profession

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We work with an entrepreneurial spirit changing the legal business.

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We are "Solution Builders", We offer more than legal solutions; our ideal is to generate opportunities to our clients.


We work with leadership and excellence because we know that full satisfaction of every one of our clients is profitable for us


The confidence and capacity that we have, joined with our level to practice law allows us to go beyond, a new vision of legal practice.


Everything we do for our clients must generate respect to ourselves, and to our firm. As lawyers, we take care of every detail.


Our vision of thinking "out of the box", joined with the integration to handle each situation, places us in a privileged position

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Core Value

We believe in the "Irreverence of Law" in Re Think the profession and break schemes. See with different eyes and take advantage of this aspect to our customers' experience become memorable.

Sfera is a refresh for our customers, they feel free and with possibilities to achieve all its objectives. It is an oasis of possibilities for creating solutions in a flexible, innovative and pragmatic way.

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“We think differently to provide creative solutions that enhance value. We dress casual and speak your own language to make you feel at home. We make a mark by pursuing excellence through leadership and constant innovation”.

Passion Everywhere!


We are a law firm that believes that every event is an opportunity to find innovative solutions to benefit our customers. Because we think differently on the audacity and courage as ways to break with convention.

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Sfera Objective

Our main objective is to consolidate different practice areas that offer comprehensive legal services in order to provide innovative solutions to our clients. We decided to form an integral medium‐sized firm, where high quality standards coexist with the highest values and ideals.



Gabriel Pallarés

“If you're afraid of the future, then get out of the way, stand aside.” -Ronald Reagan- Profile

Gabriel Pallarés


Estuardo Gamalero

“If you're afraid of the future, then get out of the way, stand aside.” -Ronald Reagan- Profile

Estuardo Gamalero


Lester Meda

Creativity is seeing what everyone else sees, but then thinking a new thought that has never been thought before and expressing it somehow.” Profile

Lester Meda


Kimberly Vargas

“Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work.” -Albert Einstein- Profile

Kimberly Vargas


Luis Pedro Carranza

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” -Stephen Hawking- Profile

Luis Pedro Carranza


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